New Lifejackets

We bought life jackets for our fishing team, beautifully emblazoned “Yamaha” to go with their powerful Yamaha outboard motor. Thank you, Patrick Kinsella. And thank you to all the volunteers, for the new fishing boat and the outboard to power it.

Fixed a wee error

Very busy getting ready for the volunteer trip (9 people in all) later this month, but just noticed that the handful of photos on the page  Baale Landing Site were not showing. Not very exciting, but they do give an idea of the conditions there. Anyway, fixed (I think) so have a browse.

We had a great day

We are very grateful to to the big crowd that came on our annual walk. After the promised refreshment stops at Cloydagh  and Leighlinbridge, we finished at the picnic place  in Bagenalstown, where there were people sampling the the water. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Big Bank Holiday Barrow Walk

Yes folks, it is that time of year again, when we invite you for a little stroll (about 17km, or 10 miles in old money) on the Barrow Track from Carlow to Bagenalstown, with refreshment pauses in Cloydagh and Leighlinbridge. There will be a few cars to get drivers back to Carlow so that they can collect their passengers from Bagenalstown.

Now this walk is not just for the exercise and the crack, though those are mighty too, but it is Siobhan’s principal fundraiser for the year, so while we don’t ask for donations we are really really really grateful when we get them.

The walk starts in the Town Hall Car Park in Carlow at 11 a.m. on Monday May 7th. Tell your family and friends. BRING your family and friends! So, see you, there, I hope.

Going Again

We are planning our next visit to Bbaale in Uganda! The dates are not yet fully confirmed, but we expect to leave Dublin on Saturday June 23rd and return on July 7th (Saturday) or 8th (Sunday).

If you are thinking, or even half thinking, of joining us for this wonderful, worthwhile, make-a-difference, trip, and haven’t been in contact, do so soon, as there are only a few places left and we have to book the flights in the next couple of weeks.

The Barrow Walk

News has been quiet, if not non-existent, for the last few months, as our chief editor has been a bit unwell. Back on his feet again, there are several things to be shared …

First up, our annual Barrow Walk. It is on the May Bank Holiday again this year, Monday May 7th. We will meet in the Carlow Town Hall car park at 11am, and walk to Bagenalstown, with stops (and refreshments!) at Cloydagh and Leighlinbridge. We will organise transport back to Carlow town from Bagenalstown, or from the earlier stopping points if you prefer. Come along, and bring family and friends for a little bit of exercise and a lot of craic.

They are back!

Tired after two week’s work, and a long journey, the team arrived safely in Dublin yesterday afternoon.

One of their first tasks in Bbaale was to build a toilet, as the school inspector had said that one wasn’t enough, there had to be separate ones for boys and girls. So now there are two.

Getting there!

Great excitement amongst the volunteers as final preparations are made for Friday’s departure! Some repacking was needed as Turkish Airlines kindly gave us an extra baggage allowance, allowing us to bring more of your generous donations.