UgaIrish Visit June 2011

In June 2011, 22 volunteers with the UgaIrish Project visited Kamuzinda Children's Village in Uganda. These web pages are to provide a simple photographic record of the experience, building on the work of previous visits.

UgaIrish's principal involvement in Kamuzinda is developing the farm school to sustainability, but volunteers are also involved in various other projects and activities in the children's village and the wider community. The village comprises:

set around a steep valley about 20km SE of Masaka.

200.jpgOld Mission House 287.jpgRoad from Farm School imgt0889.jpgPrimary Assembly. Mission House in centre, Farm School in distance imgt0967.jpgKookaburra Childrens House img_6710.jpgNew Mission House img_6715.jpgTwo Blocks of Two Teacher's Houses

The sketch map was drawn to fit on the available paper, so the vertical scale is about twice the horizontal. There was not room to fit in Medura house, nor the playing fields. It is about 5km South, on a dirt road, of Bukunde trading centre, which is about 20km South of Masaka, on the tarred road to Tanzania. There is a Danish farm between the village and the Bukunde road, where there is a small "farm shop"