2013: Baale Landing Site
Lake Vic
Fishing Boats
20km South-East of Bukunda, on the shore of Lake Victoria, is Baale Landing Site, a fishing village of about 1400 people, many of them refugees. There are a few brick-built houses, but most live in wooden shacks. There is a hand-pump on a borehole, but the borehole is dry and the pump broken, so their source of water is the lake. The lake water contains bacteria, parasites and heavy metals. There are no toilet facilities in the village. We would love to be able to provide them with clean water and sanitary facilities, but at present we don't even know how to go about it, nor have an idea of what it would cost.

If you get sick in Baale, it is a long, hot, dusty walk to the clinic in Kyunamakaaka. We have arranged that, once a month, Apollo will bring his truck to Baale and drive anyone who is ill to the clinic on the day that the doctor is there. Fuel in Uganda is almost as expensive as it is in Ireland, and the truck on the dirt tracks is not very fuel efficient, so this is costing about €24 a month. A sponsor for this would be great!

On our last day in the Bukunda area we visited Baale and gave out what few clothes remained from the supply we had brought from Ireland, and gave worming tablets to the children.

More shacks
More Houses
Rose's brick house
Worming Tablets