Teach a man to fish …

We are going to support the fishermen in Baale in setting up a fish farm, with the fish reared in floating cages on the lake.  As well as the costs of building the cages, the fish need feeding for 8 months before they can be harvested and sold, so there is also the cost of purchasing the special fish food. We will finance three cages as a pilot project., and need to raise €12,000 to build them and feed them for the first 8-month cycle. Contact us if you can help!



We are looking at the feasibility of starting fish farming for the Baale (still not sure whether to spell it Bbaale or Baale 🙂 ) community, with the fish to be reared in floating cages on the lake. As part of the investigation Apollo and two of the Baale fishermen went to Kalangala on the Ssesse Islands. It is an interesting prospect – farming is better than hunting on an over-fished lake – but needs a lot of capital. Contributions welcome!


Almost there!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) the first of the volunteers on the 2016 trip sets off for Uganda. He will be followed by six more on Thursday, and another two arrive on Monday. The 10th member of the group doesn’t come until July 3rd. Some are staying for three weeks, some for two, so there will be a lot of coming and going. We will try to post some news while we are there, but we will get a detailed report out when we get back.

Barrow Walk

Our Barrow Walk will be on the May bank holiday Monday (2nd May) this year. We will leave the Town Hall car park in Carlow at 11am and walk to Bagenalstown, where there will be transport back to Carlow. There will be refreshment stops at Cloydagh and Leighlinbridge. Come and join us  for a fun day out and support UgaIrish Project. Bring your friends!

Do send us an email (info@ugairishproject.org) if you can come.

Summer 2016

Fish Smoke-house
Fish Smoke-house

The plans for another visit to Bbaale are firming up, with up to 10 volunteers from June 26th to July 11th, and possibly a few of the group traveling out a week earlier. Some will be going for only a week, and others returning on July 7th, so there are still a few logistical hurdles to overcome.

There will be no further developments on a permanent site and structure for the school until after the elections (Ugandan, not Irish – they too are having one this month), but meanwhile a temporary classroom is being added for the P1 children, alongside the two junior infants’ classes.

Did you know …

Rainwater tank at the eco-toilet

about the revenue’s tax refund scheme? If you pay income tax in Ireland, and donate €250 or more to us (or, indeed, to any Irish charity) we can claim (or the other charity, if you gave to them instead of to us) back the tax that you paid on your donation. On a donation of €250 we can claim €112, so your €250 becomes €362.

Isn’t that wonderful?

(That’s not exact – your donation is 69%, the tax refund is 31% of the 100% notional donation. And of course you have to have paid enough tax to cover the refund)