The New School

The new school at Baale opened on Saturday. We hoped to have some photos, but there were technical difficulties. Anyway, we hear that the people are delighted with this addition to the village facilities.

In case you missed the background … the children that go to school have to walk for about one-and-a-half hours each way to get there. Of course, not all children can go, as most of the villagers can’t afford the school fees, but many are now going as a result of our sponsorship programme. Also, some are too young to walk that far, and so two kind donors came to the rescue of these little ones, with funds to build a temporary classroom and funds to pay a teacher’s salary for a year. The temporary classroom is now in operation.

At the end of March two volunteers are going to Baale to spend a week working with the teacher, assessing needs and bringing teaching aids and equipment. They will also liaise with officials to get a site for a permanent school and community centre.

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