UgaIrish Visit June 2012

In June 2012, 30 volunteers with the UgaIrish Project visited Kamuzinda Children's Village in Uganda. These web pages are to provide a simple photographic record of the experience, building on the work of previous visits. The 2011 page includes a short description of the village. The satellite view is clearer on Ovi Maps than on Google Earth.

UgaIrish's principal interest has been in getting the farm school to sustainability, but that work is now largely complete, so this year we decided to build a new house for the children of Meldura House. Meldura was visited by several of last year's volunteers, who returned distressed at the poor conditions and overcrowding there. Also, as you can see if you zoom out on the Ovi Map (look for the "MD" flag), it is far from the rest of the village. The site for the new Meldura is just across from the Mission Houses ("MH" flag on map) between the teachers' houses and the Kabuwoko-Kyanamukaka road.

New Meldura
Feeding Programme
Rose's House - before