About UgaIrish

The UgaIrish Project

UgaIrish Project exists to support and encourage Ugandan communities to be in a position to provide for themselves through sustainable enterprise the basic needs of life – education, health, food and accommodation.

The Project was founded by Siobhán Kinsella when she visited Kamuzinda Children’s Village in 2006. It is funded by donations, and by fund-raising events run by the volunteers who travel each year to Uganda. It operates from her home, and as there are no staff the overheads are minimal – insurance cover for some events, bank charges, and printing the annual newsletter. Almost every cent donated gets to Uganda.

The initial focus of project work was Kamuzinda Children’s Village, but while visiting there each year it became apparent that there were far greater needs in the surrounding areas, and we are now concentrating our efforts on the community around Bbaale Landing Site on Lake Victoria. You can see the sort of work we do by browsing the photo-journals in the Gallery.

We also organise sponsors, who pay for the education of children in the area, or for the accommodation and education of special needs children in suitable schools. Read our sponsorship page for more details.