The UgaIrish Newsletter

About once a year we produce a short newsletter with details of our activities and plans. You can download newsletters by using the links.

Spring 2018 (PDF 330kb)
The very latest, hot of the virtual printing press!

Spring 2017 (PDF 280kb)
If you want to print it, set two pages per sheet, double-sided, pages 4,1,2,3 and you get a neat A5 booklet from a single A4 sheet.

Spring 2016 (PDF | 206kb)
Reduced quality version – email us for the full quality (19MB) one

Spring 2014 (PDF | 5mb)
Projects, Volunteer trips, Updates, Fundraising
Summer 2013 (PDF | 122kb)
What’s next for UgaIrish, 2012 volunteer trip report, personal updates and more.
Spring 2012 (PDF | 5mb)
Volunteer experiences and 2011 Trip, Electrification, Exam Centre and more.
Winter 2010/2011 (PDF | 3mb)
Volunteer Trip 2010, How Far Does Your Money Go, Esther, Josephine, Paul, Ddembe and more.
Winter 2009/2010 (PDF | 351kb)
Volunteer Trip 2009, Trustees, Official Charity and more.