Why Help

Why do they need help?

Despite being a fertile land with energetic and entrepreneurial people, 25 years of civil unrest in the aftermath of independence, followed by the devastating HIV/AIDs epidemic, and a huge increase in population, has left deep scars in Ugandan society.


There is great poverty in the bush areas in Kyunamakaaka, due mostly to illness. The HIV/AIDs crisis and malaria, along with other treatable illnesses, have left many orphans and widows. Countless children are being reared by their grandparents who live an extreme subsistence existence. As there is little or no welfare or medical help these people rely solely on the support of others.


Education is mostly provided by private organisations in Uganda and the students are expected to pay school fees. This is a big problem for most families and many rely on sponsorship.

Special Needs

Over the years UgaIrish volunteers have come in contact with children with physical and intellectual disabilities living in appalling conditions, shut away from the world. Several of these children have found support, and are now in residential special needs schools in Kampala, but there are many more children and adults with disabilities who need our help, as there is very little support from the government.