There were just three of us on the trip, so it was more a case of getting things done than of doing things (but paying locals to do things helps the local economy!). Some of the things:

  • Visited the vegetable garden, and gave more seeds
  • Held a knitting class, and gave more wool
  • Put a fence around the school, to keep the animals out
  • Put a toilet in the schoolyard
  • Put swings and a see-saw in the schoolyard
  • Cleared the jiggers, and gave clothes and shoes to all the children
  • Held crafts classes for the children
  • Re-roofed another two houses in the village
  • Brought food parcels and clothes to elderly people living alone
  • Arranged for a nurse to visit the village fortnightly, in addition to the monthly doctor’s visit. Gave more medicines
  • Bought malaria testing kits for the clinic
  • Visited all the schools where we have sponsored children